Purchasing Power

When shopping for a licensed mortgage loan officer, you need an individual with whom you can rely.  I am dedicated to help you meet your goals while advising you based on more than ten years experience in a fast, friendly, and easy to understand manner.  It’s important to work with a licensed mortgage loan officer that cares.  I’ll take the time to learn about your particular real estate and financing objectives.

When you make the important decision to buy a new home, or refinance your current home,  I am committed to going the extra mile to ensure that all of your financial needs are successfully met.  I am dedicated to helping you make the most informed mortgage decision possible.  One that integrates your personal financial plan and major life goals, such as retirement and wealth accumulation.  A mortgage is not just a loan.  It’s one of the most important financial planning decisions that you can make.  The right mortgage plan helps create wealth.

I have access to a broad spectrum of Conventional, Jumbo, Government,  Home Renovation, and Zero Down Payment Loans.  Please contact me direct to discuss your mortgage needs.

Stephanie Billions
Senior Mortgage Loan Officer/ Realtor
South Pacific Financial